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A paternity proceeding is a legal action to judicially determine the biological father of a child, resulting ultimately in an order establish the father’s custody and parenting time rights with the child. Establishment of the child’s paternity impacts the child’s inheritance rights, adoption, custody and support of the child, and the ability of a parent to provide health insurance for the child. Either parent may start a paternity proceeding. If the child’s paternity is in dispute, DNA testing will be conducted. Once paternity has been established, the issues which need to be addressed concerning a minor child are the same as in a divorce proceeding: custody, parenting time, child support and medical support.

In some cases the parents may have signed at the time of birth a document called a “Recognition of Parentage” (“ROP”) in which they acknowledge under oath that they are the child’s biological parents.  Many parents thinks this establishes legal custody rights, but it does not.  Although the ROP legally establishes the child’s parentage, it does not give the birth father any custody or parenting time rights, and does not determine the support obligations of the parents. In these cases, while no genetic testing is required, custody and support will have to be addressed in a separate legal proceeding.

While a formal legal proceeding is necessary to establish paternity, custody and support, the resolution of these legal issues may be resolved through Mediation or other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”).  If settlement cannot be reached, a formal trial may be required to establish custody and parenting time. Once paternity is established, custody and parenting time are considered applying the same custody standards as in a divorce proceeding.

Brian, with his background in child psychology and with over 38 years of experience, is uniquely qualified to represent mothers and fathers in paternity proceedings. We will guide you through the legal process in a manner which best fits the circumstances of your case.

Whichever path you must follow, Brian Sobol will be there to help you, guide you, and fight for your rights. Call (866) 484-4079 or fill out an online contact form to learn more from a knowledgeable divorce lawyer in Minneapolis.


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