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Are you and your spouse able to agree on the terms of your divorce? If so, you may be able to file for an uncontested divorce. This can save you a great deal of time, money, and stress. At Sobol Family Law, we can help you and your spouse remain amicable and work together to reach agreements that are fair to both of you. We can then help you file the necessary paperwork and finalize your divorce.

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What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

When most people think of divorce, they think of a long, contentious courtroom battle. While some divorces do go to trial, the vast majority are settled out of court. In fact, many Minnesota couples are able to get divorced without ever setting foot in a courtroom. This is possible if you and your spouse can agree on the terms of your divorce.

In order to file for an uncontested divorce in Minnesota, you and your spouse must be able to agree on:

Additionally, you or your spouse must have lived in Minnesota for at least 180 days before filing for divorce. If you and your spouse have children, you must also have a parenting plan in place that explains how you will share custody and time with the children. A parenting plan is required for all divorcing couples with children, regardless of whether the divorce is contested or uncontested.

How to Get an Uncontested Divorce in MN

While uncontested divorces are generally less stressful and less expensive than contested divorces, they are not without their challenges. It can be incredibly difficult to come to an agreement with your spouse, especially if you are not on good terms or if your divorce is the result of an affair or another major breach of trust.

At Sobol Family Law, we understand that even the most amicable divorces can be emotionally challenging. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you by handling the legal aspects of your divorce from start to finish. We can help you file the necessary paperwork, draft a divorce agreement that protects your best interests, and ensure that all agreements are in compliance with Minnesota law.

Here are the steps to file for an uncontested divorce in Minnesota:

  • File the paperwork: To begin the divorce process, you will need to file a petition for dissolution of marriage with the court. This document requests a divorce and explains the grounds for your petition (Minnesota is a no-fault divorce state, so you do not need to prove that your marriage is irretrievably broken). You will also need to pay a filing fee and, if you have children, submit a parenting plan.
  • Serve your spouse: After you have filed the necessary paperwork, you will need to serve your spouse with a copy of the petition. This can be done in person, by mail, or through a process server. If your spouse is willing to sign a stipulation and waiver of service, you will not need to go through this step.
  • Wait for the response: After your spouse has been served, he or she will have 30 days to respond. If your spouse does not respond to the petition, the court may grant you a default divorce.
  • Exchange financial information: You and your spouse will need to exchange financial information, including a list of your assets and debts and information about your income and expenses. This information is used to determine how to divide your property and whether spousal maintenance should be awarded.
  • Attend the hearing: If you and your spouse have agreed on the terms of your divorce, you will need to attend a brief hearing. During the hearing, a judge will review your divorce agreement and ensure that it complies with state law. If everything is in order, the judge will sign the final divorce decree. You will then be legally divorced.

What Are the Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce?

Uncontested divorces are generally much faster and less expensive than contested divorces. In fact, an uncontested divorce can often be completed in just a few weeks. If you and your spouse have children, the process may take a little longer, but it is still usually much faster than a contested divorce, which can take several months or even years to complete.

Uncontested divorces are also generally much less stressful than contested divorces. When you file for an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse will be able to work together to reach agreements that are fair to both of you. This can help you maintain a good relationship with your spouse, which is especially important if you have children together. An amicable divorce can also help you co-parent more effectively and reduce the likelihood of future post-divorce disputes.

How Much Does It Cost to Get an Uncontested Divorce in Minnesota?

The cost of an uncontested divorce in Minnesota depends on a variety of factors, including the complexity of your case, the amount of time it takes to reach an agreement, and whether you and your spouse are able to agree on all of the terms of your divorce. In general, an uncontested divorce is much less expensive than a contested divorce, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Why Choose Sobol Family Law?

At Sobol Family Law, we are committed to helping you achieve a favorable outcome in your uncontested divorce case. We understand that this is a difficult time for you and your family, and we are here to provide the compassionate support and tough advocacy you need. Our uncontested divorce attorney in Minneapolis can help you understand your rights and options, and we will work tirelessly to protect your best interests every step of the way.

When you choose our firm, you can expect:

  • Personalized legal services
  • Honest and straightforward advice
  • Responsive communication and regular updates about your case
  • Compassionate support and effective advocacy
  • Competitive rates and flexible payment plans

Whether you and your spouse are able to agree on all of the terms of your divorce or you are facing a complex and contested divorce, we are here to help. Our firm has extensive experience handling all types of divorce cases, and we have a proven track record of success. We can help you file for an uncontested divorce, represent you in mediation, or, if necessary, litigate your case in court.

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